How AI and chatGPT will transform small local businesses

It’s been two weeks since the public launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI and the world went nuts. Elon Musk even got scared:

If you haven’t heard of ChatGPT before, you may have been working too hard. For small business owners who are always busy, know that ChatGPT has been the fastest product ever to reach 1 million users.

So, What Kind of Sorcery Is This?

ChatGPT is an AI trained to answer questions in chat form. Unlike existing chatbots, which often don’t understand you and provide programmed responses, ChatGPT is a completely different concept.

To be honest, ChatGPT it feels like magic.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

Before we get into the magic, it’s important to clarify that ChatGPT has not been programmed to say something in response to specific inputs (e.g., if A then B). Instead, ChatGPT learns on its own, with humans only responsible for training it.

ChatGPT has been fed millions of documents, including manuals, encyclopaedias, philosophy treaties, legal paperwork, marketing handbooks, and programming language manuals. It has learned to understand, connect, and make sense of this data on its own.

The training process involves letting ChatGPT know how accurate or probable its responses are by ranking them from best to worst. After this process is done for a sufficient amount of time, ChatGPT can continue learning on its own.

Now, let’s see the magic in action. But first, it’s important to note that ChatGPT is not connected to the internet and does not provide responses based on data from other websites. Every response from ChatGPT is unique, genuine, and based on its own knowledge processed in that moment.

Let’s start with a fairly easy marketing prompt:

OK, I know that you are not shocked, any Google Search would give similar results. But, again, the difference is huge: this is a machine understanding your query and processing that the way to get more reviews is that (of course, using Localboss makes all that).

Let’s make it more difficult. More personal:

That’s amazing. Unlike a Google search where you have to go back and forth among the first results, here we have the information we need straight to the point and already curated.

But ChatGPT is capable of much more. Let’s push it further:

Yay! That’s when it gets scarier. It took 5 seconds to come up with this poem. It’s fun, accurate, empathetic, and really amazing.

Can it go any further? Let’s see if it can write a Nirvana-like song to get more reviews for our Italian trattoria:

In just two weeks, ChatGPT has totally transformed the work of developers, marketers, lawyers, attorneys, designers, creatives, content creators, and basically anyone.

But let’s focus on how it can help your small local business.

ChatGPT and AI for Local Businesses

Customer Support

Customer support, as we know it, is over. It may not be gone yet, but in the next few months we’ll see 24/7 quality support from specifically trained AI’s everywhere. Imagine how many new customers your small local business could get if it could provide this level of support at any time via Google Maps Chat or Whatsapp.

Social media

Try using ChatGPT for your social media posts or creative ideas. You can combine it with Dall-e, to create unique images.

Dall-e can paint any picture you want: “fancy artificial intelligence in a laptop next to a dish of carbonara spaghetti, sitting in a full Italian restaurant table as digital art”

Example: Use ChatGPT to create a TikTok Script. By the way, here you can see that ChatGPT remembers what was previously said in the chat (restaurant in the heart of London).

Content Strategy

If you need a quick post, a website copy, a quick message, a translation or even an idea for a piece of content for your business, ChaGPT might not generate the final piece, but it will save you hours.

Review management

Will we be able to train AI to respond our customer reviews in our own tone of voice and personality? I have no doubt that we will.

Legal related stuff and contracts

ChatGPT is amazing with legal document. Although it doesn’t write contacts (it very well could) yet, it will suggest clauses, contract items, and must do for legal related stuff. As example, I recently used ChatGPT to help me draft a sponsorship contract for an event that LOCALBOSS will be sponsoring.

It’s also amazing to summarise long texts, like contracts or new regulations. Just paste the document and ask ChatGPT to identify the points that you should review. It works like magic.

Coal, Electricity, Computing, Internet and now, AI

AI is here. And it’s only arriving.

We are only seeing the first developments of what will be, without doubt, the 5th industrial revolution. After Coal, Electricity, Computing and Internet, which totally transformed businesses and society alike, here comes the era of the AI.

Business, marketing, driving, health, law making, any field that you can imagine will be transformed with the rise of AIs.

As the previous 4 revolutions, there’s no point in denying them or going against them: the opportunity is to embrace the new technology and pioneer its use in your local business.

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