Competition between Employees: Good or Bad?

Lately, many businesses have been pushing hard to get Google Reviews, to the extent of evaluating employees based on the reviews they collect. But is fostering competition among employees for better reviews truly beneficial?

At Localboss, we believe there’s a more effective and healthier way to motivate employees to ask satisfied customers for reviews without creating a negative atmosphere.

Let us explain.

Problems with Review Competitiveness

Financial Incentives: A Double-Edged Sword

Offering financial incentives to employees for getting better reviews might seem like a good idea, but it can also create an unhealthy competitive environment. Employees might feel pressured to ask for reviews, which could lead to awkward experiences for customers.

To avoid this, check out our article on how to appropriately ask customers for reviews.

Quality vs. Quantity

When employees compete for reviews, the focus can shift to quantity over quality of service. Genuine customer care and service excellence can take a backseat to the pursuit of positive reviews. Moreover, financial incentives don’t foster a good culture within your company and can be easily corrupted.

Generating fake reviews won’t benefit your business at all.

The Localboss Vision

Business Rating, Not Employee Rating

At Localboss, we believe that a business’s Google rating reflects the business as a whole, not just the individual who served the customer.

Understanding the rating as a result of collective effort promotes a team culture rather than individual competition. Each team member contributes to the business’s success, and everyone shares the recognition.

Implementing group incentives or compensations (whether weekly, monthly, or annually) is an excellent way to unite employees and align them with the common good of your company. Be creative in this process (some clients take their employees and their friends or family out for meals). Your employees will appreciate it, and it will be reflected in their performance.

Additionally, other types of non-financial individual benefits should also may be considered. Simple things like recognizing their hard work or offering greater scheduling flexibility can positively impact their performance too.

The Particularities of Each Business

We understand that each business has its own strategy and that in some cases, evaluating employees / waiters might be necessary.

If you decide to do a demo to see all the app’s features, which we highly recommend, we’ll advise you on what suits your business best. If you need to measure employees, we’ll tell you honestly and recommend other platforms that excel in this area.

Want to take control of your rating and increase your reviews without the bad vibes?

Join Localboss and discover how we can help you improve your review management without sacrificing your team’s integrity and collaboration!

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