Digitalization is Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry

Digitalization is revolutionizing the world of dining, offering new ways to improve efficiency and customer experience. From online orders to ghost kitchens, let’s explore how these innovations are transforming the sector and how Localboss can help you navigate these changes. We will focus on the following six points:

Online Orders and Home Delivery

Online ordering systems and home delivery services are providing restaurants with the ability to reach a broader audience and offer greater convenience. This system not only enhances operational efficiency but also allows for the collection of valuable data on customer preferences. The advantages of this system include convenience and the acquisition of customer consumption data (allowing for personalized offers and promotions based on purchasing behavior). Many companies already offer their own home delivery service or collaborate with specialized delivery firms.

NFC and QR Codes

NFC technology and QR codes are revolutionizing how customers interact with restaurants. From digital menus to contactless payments, these technologies offer a faster and safer experience. In this article, we also discuss how these technologies are creating a revolution for your business reviews.

Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens are restaurants that operate exclusively for home deliveries, without a physical space for diners. These restaurants take the concept of online orders to the extreme. This model reduces operational costs and allows restaurants to focus entirely on food quality and the efficiency and optimization of the delivery process. Orders are received through digital platforms where delivery is organized.

Customer Service Automation

Customer service automation through chatbots and automated response systems is gaining ground. These systems can handle frequently asked questions, take reservations, and manage orders, freeing up staff to focus on more complex tasks.

With Localboss, you can ensure that automated interactions with customers translate into positive reviews by effectively managing them with our in-app tools to track the evolution of your reviews over time or your partial rating.

Immersion (VR and AR)

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are starting to offer immersive experiences in the dining world. For example, as seen in the image, the restaurant Sublimotion in Ibiza offers immersive projections as part of its dining experience.

Additionally, virtual restaurant tours allow customers to explore the restaurant before visiting. Another application would be interactive menu presentations, providing additional information about dishes in an attractive way for customers seeking a more exclusive experience. These technologies can attract and retain customers in innovative ways, although they are currently positioned for a more affluent audience as a luxury experience.

Reservation Management Software

Reservation management software allows restaurants to handle reservations efficiently, reducing errors and optimizing occupancy. These systems can also send automatic reminders to customers and allow them to make changes to their reservations easily. Customers greatly appreciate these systems for simplifying this process.

Localboss can integrate reviews generated on Google through these reservation systems, helping you maintain constant tracking of your online reputation.


Although this article focuses on grounded strategies and skips the idea of eating in the metaverse without actually eating anything (how far we have come), restaurants must learn to offer digital solutions to customers. Digitalization adds value to your service that will enhance it and reflect in your online reviews. If you value your customers’ opinions, take control of your reputation with Localboss.

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